Dentures are a simple way to replace missing teeth and are made using either metal or plastic frameworks holding single or multiple false teeth.

Dentures are individually made to fit the size and shape of your mouth and can help to restore the appearance and function of your teeth.

Depending on how many teeth you have missing you may have a full or partial denture and in some cases you may have a temporary denture while you wait for a more permanent denture, bridge or implant restoration.

Full denture

A full denture is usually a full acrylic plate that sits on top of your gums and has a set of acrylic teeth attached which sit in the same position in your mouth as your original teeth were.

Partial denture

A partial denture is used to replace on or a few missing teeth and fills the gaps between your teeth and can have an acrylic or metal base plate. Partial dentures with a metal framework have a more secure anchorage to the adjacent teeth and are stronger which means that they can be much smaller and lighter in your mouth.

Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures may be more comfortable than traditional dentures because they are made of a softer material and many patients find this makes chewing and speaking easier.

Implant retained dentures

Dental implants can be used to support dentures and hold them in place.

This can mean that your dentures will have less denture base however you will still a strong comfortable bite with restored chewing ability.

Implant retained dentures are fixed in place in your mouth and you are less likely to suffer from pressure points or sore spots. You may need to be referred to a Specialist or dentist with a special interest in order to have implant retained dentures and your dentist will be able to discuss your treatment options with you.